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Adult Courses

Students 18 years of age and older benefit from professional driving instruction.

Our state certified course customizes the behind the wheel instruction to meet the needs of individual students. Mom Approved Instructors will also drill and practice for the driving road test at DPS once the students are ready to be licensed. Our vehicles are easy to drive, dual control equipped, fully insured and well maintained for safety and efficiency.

Being a knowledgeable, confident driver will make you a safer driver. We encourage anyone pursuing a driver's license to take either our six-hour Adult Online Course or the Online Defensive Driving Course. We also recommend a minimum of one session of behind-the-wheel instruction to help prepare for the road test.

Adult Silver Online Package  |  $389

  • 6 hours online classroom
  • 7 hours behind-the-wheel driving
  • 7 hours behind-the-wheel observation

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Adult Online Course  |  $75

  • 6 hour online class

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Adult Gold Online Package  |  $758

  • Adult Silver Online Package
  • An additional 10 hours of driving

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